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Gabion mesh machine and heavy type gabion mesh machine. This machine can produce woven gabions. It is also called heavy hexagonal wire netting machines.

Welded wire mesh machines can produce all sizes of welded wire mesh by welding galvanized steel wire or carbon steel wire together. The welded machine types can choose.

Welded mesh panel welding machines have types: heavy welded mesh panel welding machine, spot welding machine and auto control fencing welded machines.

Perforated metal machines can make various materials perforated metals, such as aluminum perforated metal, copper perforated metal and stainless steel perforated metal.

Chain link fence machines have automatic chain link fence machine and semi-automatic chain link fence machines. Each type machine work fast and save electricity.

We are the expanded metal machines supplier. Here show the expanded metal machine type, how expanded metal work and the expanded metal specifications.

Hexagonal wire netting machines have heavy type hexagonal wire netting machine. It can produce the galvanized hexagonal wire netting and PVC type chicken wire.

Barbed wire machines with different sizes can produce various barbs types barbed wire. The galvanized barbed wire or steel barbed wire and PVC barbed wire are the common using types.

To produce different kinds of barbed wires, barbed wire machines have the twofold ordinary barbed wire machine, straight twisting & reverse twisting barbed wire machine.

Construction machinery or construction equipment is the necessary tools for building and construction. The construction machinery can be used for bridges, culverts, mass concreting and canal works.

Gabion meshes have the types of welded gabion mesh and heavy hexagonal wire netting. Gabion basket box or gabion sacks are in application of flood control and water protection.

Welded wire mesh is the most common materials as building and construction. Heavy type welded mesh, reinforcing mesh, concrete mesh has the features of high strength as construction mesh.

Welded wire mesh panel with materials of stainless steel wire panel, PVC coated welded wire panel. Heavy type welded wire panel is often used as building construction. Some wire mesh panel is for fences.

Perforated metal, perforated sheet and perforated metal panel have the materials, aluminum perforated metal, stainless steel perforated metal. The perforated metal meshes are used in filtration, construction, etc.

Chain link fence is also known as diamond fence. For the surface treatment, there are galvanized chain link fence, PVC chain link fence, Black chain link fencing, stainless steel chain link fence and aluminum chain link fences and so on.

Expanded metal or expanded sheets are produced from solid sheets or plates of carbon, galvanized and stainless steel. Expanded metal mesh is often used in buildings and construction.

Hexagonal wire mesh is also called chicken wire. The materials are galvanized hexagonal wire netting, PVC hexagonal netting. Hexagonal wire mesh is used in animal feeding.