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Expanded Metal Machine

Expanded Metal Machine are used for punching all kinds of expand plate mesh in construction. Common hardware, window and door, machine protecting, etc.

Feed mechanism passes the chain link by the main engine directly. The movement accurate is reliable.

The times of feed mechanism punching shear is started from 0 it can shear in free scope.

Mechanical Propertie

Expanded Metal  Machine are used for punching shear the cold crimped engine bed with the thickness of 1.2 - 2.5mm the width of 2000mm Material strength of 450N/mm2.

The specifications of punching shear are surveyed by the bit of TB5-20 mesh grid plate: if the TB.TL are changed, the punching shear knife is also changed. TB.TL are increased, the punching shear strength is reduced. TB.TL are reduced, the punching shear strength is increased. In order not to damage components for the excess load, the nominal tonnage is 63T. lf TB.TL are reduced, the punching shear strength surpasses the nominal tonnage, you can reduce the material thickness and width. 

In addition, we can also provide you with expanded metal mesh.

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