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Construction Machinery

This Machine is versatile and can be used for Bridges, Culverts, mass Concreting Purpose and Canal Works.
It can place concrete of any mix at the rate of 25cum/hr up to 8.5 Meters. height and underground up to 5 Meters.

Mechanical Propertie

Weight / Measurements
Machine Weight 4500kg
Type size 6.50 × 10
(Single Type at Tall)
Type size (Drive)
7.50 × 10
Overall Dimensions
Length 17 Meters
Approx. Width 2.4 Meters Approx.
Height 3.5 Meter Approx.
Belt Width (MCP - 56) 400mm
Belt Width (MCP - 56/560) 650mm
Belt Tks. 10mm
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